We're All Mad Here Alice in Wonderland Half Moon Custom Handpainted Funny Fandom Welcome Doormat by Killer Doormats, Two Versions

Item Description

Alice went into Wonderland and met many strange creatures and people. And one of those strange creatures was a cat, a Cheshire Cat to be exact. And the Cheshire Cat mad sure to tell Alice this famous quote about all the inhabitants of Wonderland. Maybe your household seems to take this quote a little too much to heart. It just describes everyone perfectly. So here's a new fandom mat about that wonderful tale of Alice and her adventures.

​As we could not make up our minds on this look because, let's face it, they both look fabulous; this mat comes in two versions, a creepy Evil Grin and a wide Toothy Grin.

Half Moon doormats are 20" x 35"


Easy to keep clean, just vacuum or shake your rug out. The rubber backing will keep the doormat in place firmly. Remember this product is made from coco coir and will shed some for the first few weeks, this is a normal occurrence so don't be alarmed. Your hand painted doormat will hold up best under cover.

You mat will not come with the copyright.

Each doormat is custom made for you when you place your order. ALL mats are MADE TO ORDER and have a turnaround of up to 10 days plus shipping time.

There will be no overspray on your doormat, we do not use spray paint.

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Small doormats are 18" x 30" Large doormats are 23.5" x 35.5"