Make a Wish Dandelion Puffs Custom Hand Painted Welcome Door Mat by Killer Doormats

Item Description

Those dandelion puffs get everywhere, but they sure were fun when we were kids to blow them into the wind and make a wish. And, no, you don't need to exhale a strong force of air from your lungs onto my door mat. Just put your hands together and close your eyes whilst standing on our Make A Wish Dandelion custom door mat.

Small doormats are 18" x 30"

Large doormats are 23.5" x 35.5"


Easy to keep clean, just vacuum or shake your rug out. The rubber backing will keep the doormat in place firmly. Remember this product is made from coco coir and will shed some for the first few weeks, this is a normal occurrence so don't be alarmed. Your hand painted doormat will hold up best under cover.

You mat will not come with the copyright.

Each doormat is custom made for you when you place your order. ALL mats are MADE TO ORDER and have a turnaround of up to 10 days plus shipping time.

There will be no overspray on your doormat, we do not use spray paint.

Doormat prices vary due to the complexity, amount of time, and/or amount of paint required for each mat as it's created.

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Small doormats are 18" x 30" Large doormats are 23.5" x 35.5"