About Killerdoormats- Home of Funny, rude, custom, and personalized doormats

We at Killerdoormats are happy to provide funny, rude, nerdy and cool doormats to homes throughout the world!

We build our doormats with pride and push for the best quality and satisfaction of our customers whom purchase our custom doormats.

We are a  small family-run business, designing doormat to spread our sense of hour. All our doormats are designed and hand painted in the USA using high quality all weather paints and high quality coir doormats.

We offer stock designs of doormats ranging from pretty butterfly to alice in wonderland themes, to holiday flavors like christmas and halloween.

Our stock doormat designs include sillouette-style doormats, Alcohol jokes doormats, wine doormats, Quirky doormats, Nature doormats, rude doormats, funny doormats, nerdy doormats, Animal potraits and dog doormats. 


We also offer custom doormats that include a few lines of you own personalized text on a doormat and or logo or picture. 


We are estatic you have chosen us for your homes first impression and will be excited to hand paint your custom doormat.